Fees – Full Day Care

We are currently accepting applications for our full day care 2017 – 2018.      

     Full Day Care 2017 – 2018

  1.    Required child age:  3 months – 5 years old
  2.   Days: Monday – Friday 51 weeks
    Excluding Bank Holidays and the one week from Christmas until the New Year. 
    We close at 1pm on Christmas Eve.

    3 months – 5 years old 8 : 00am ~ 6 : 00pm
  3.    Fees:
  • Application Fee    60 Non-refundable
  • Deposit   150(The deposit will be returned when the child leaves the Nursery and any outstanding fees have been paid in full.)

        When your child turns 3 years old, they may be eligible for Free Early Years Education funding. Please ask at reception for more information.

        Please understand that you will still be required to pay the 2 year old fee for the term in which your child reaches their 3rd birthday.

        Please ask us if you would like to pay your fees in instalments.

        Lunch is an extra £2.70 per meal / Breakfast is an extra £1.30 per meal.

        Fees are inclusive of the following meals:
    Mid morning – Snack and Drink / Mid afternoon – Snack and Drink / Tea time – Light Tea and Drink