Resilient, confident, independent children

Bambini Nursery has a distinct family feel. No matter what your background or needs – everyone is welcomed here. It’s just the happiest place for your child to play and learn in. Lean more


At Bambini, we offer you two attendance and payment options. You can choose either our Full Day Care sessions or our Nursery School hours.

Full Day Care is open 51 weeks per year. Nursery School is open 38 weeks per year, term time only.

Ages Hours
Full Day Care 3 months – 5 years 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Nursery School 2 – 3 years 9.45 am – 3.45 pm
3 – 5 years 9.30 am – 4.00 pm




There are four classes at Bambini Nursery, each dedicated to an approximate age group. This way staff can focus on children’s individual needs effectively. Importantly too, our ratios of staff to children are maintained at all times in each room.

Our age groups are approximate as we only move children up when they are ready to move, not because their age dictates it.

At different times of day and for different aspects of learning, we gather together in varied age groups to play. We see ourselves as one big family. This means that when younger children are ready to move up a class, they are confident as they already know the older children and staff. It also means the bigger ones get a chance to care for the younger ones as if they were all brothers and sisters.


  A child’s world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement.

– Rachel Carson

Key Person System

At Bambini, each child has their own practitioner assigned to them who is the one they rely on at nursery. This ‘key person’ has special responsibilities for your child, including observing them and assessing their learning. They involve their ‘key children’ in planning for all their fun, educational activities and maintain their safety. Having a grown-up who knows them so well at nursery means children build resilience, confidence, independence and self-motivation, all the tools they need for a happy and successful life.

Despite the key person system, all the staff at Bambini Nursery work as team, caring for all the children equally.


A nursery can only ever be as good as the team that runs it. At Bambini we:

  • Recruit only the right staff. Number one rule: they must love the company of children and want to preserve the magic of childhood.
  • Ensure all staff are DBS checked and have been through our rigorous recruitment process (interview, trial session, references, medical check, full induction).
  • Have a professional, well-qualified Management Team on site.
  • Make sure staff experience working in all areas and with all age groups at the nursery.

Staff training

We believe children thrive in an environment of praise, understanding and respect. And that every child deserves only the best knowledgeable and skilled childcare professionals to care for them.

We achieve this through staff continually strengthening their knowledge, qualifications and experience. We are totally committed to continuous professional development and deliver in-house training to all our Bambini Nursery practitioners and staff in first aid, safeguarding, food hygiene, play skills and many other essential areas to childcare practice.  Staff are also sent on training courses with Surrey Early Years and other providers.

Safety and security

Entry to our setting is by a secure front door where parents, carers and children are warmly greeted by a member of the Bambini team. We also always have staff at reception to assist you.

We have installed CCTV in the nursery communal areas. Fire drills are held regularly and alarm bells are tested weekly to ensure staff and children are aware of evacuation procedures.

As mentioned above, staff are fully vetted before they can work, thereby safeguarding the children. Ratios of staff to children are always maintained.

Even more importantly, we teach Bambini children safety from an early age; for example they learn the importance of walking as a crocodile holding hands outside and know that they must keep their high visibility vests on in the park.


At Bambini, it is part of our philosophy to promote good health for your little one. From baby weaning to preparing to use a knife and fork at school, we are all about teaching children skills and understanding for a lifetime of nutritious eating.

All our meals are simple, yet adventurous and are packed with enough energy to ensure the children are active and happy all day.

Our food is sourced from an outside catering company called ‘Care Catering’, which has an extremely high standard of hygiene with a 5 star environmental health award and a marvellous reputation amongst nurseries. They are an excellent choice of company for Bambini and we have thought hard about using them. Their menu rolls over 6 weeks.
The company is also very flexible and can cater for all age groups, allergies or cultural diets. Please have a look at their website

We provide a morning snack and an afternoon snack included in the fees for both Nursery School and Full Day Care children.

For lunch, you have the option of deciding whether you would like our nursery menu for an additional charge or whether you want to provide your own packed food.

For Full Day Care children at the nursery for longer hours, we also offer an optional breakfast for an additional fee; and a light tea which is included in Full Day Care monthly fees.