Health and physical fitness

We provide healthy food. All our children enjoy physical activity, both indoors and outdoors, all year round.

  Good manners

Your child is greeted with warmth and care every day. Our staff are role models for the children. We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and are kind to each other. We give positive praise and encouragement to each and every child.

  Good social skills

Our children play with friends of different ages and backgrounds. They learn co-operative and caring behaviour towards each other. Our children develop the ability to initiate and maintain friendships. We praise children being ‘good’ rather than pointing out ‘bad’ behaviour. Our staff demonstrate good social skills and are positive role models. We have self-respect and respect for each other.

  Good communication skills

For children to develop good spoken language, both non-verbal and verbal communication is important. We want children to understand information well and to behave accordingly. In our good linguistic environment, the children and adults are able to build trust and enjoy communicating together. They are introduced to at least one other language and often more. Listening to children is paramount at Bambini Nursery.

  A love of learning

Our curriculum is based on the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage. We encourage our children to become independent learners. We help them to develop their senses, creativity and skills through a range of activities such as drawing, craft work, music and rhythm, singing and dancing, role play, physical activity and early problem solving and literacy. Our children engage in active learning through play.

  A partnership with parents

We will listen to you and show respect for you and your family’s values, views, culture and religion. We are a multicultural nursery with staff from the U.K. and other countries and we welcome diversity. You will be given daily information about your child and will meet with practitioners formally three times a year. We invite you to be involved with your child’s life at nursery at all times.