Bambini Nursery’s Partnership with Parents and Carers

Bambini Nursery has a distinct family feel. No matter what your background or needs – everyone is  welcomed here. It’s just the happiest place for your child to play and learn in. And you can choose either our Full Day Care sessions (8am-6pm, year round) or our Nursery School hours (shorter sessions, term time only).


Each day, we try to surpass ourselves in providing excellent care and education for your child.

  It takes a village to raise a child.

– African proverb

One of the things that we especially pride ourselves on is the relationship between our nursery team and you, the parents and carers of our inspiring children. And together we are a partnership. Your child needs to learn and socialise and you may not be able to be there all the time  – but don’t worry we will care for your child professionally and guide them to grow and learn, taking that enormous weight off your shoulders. We are a great mix of older, experienced practitioners (many are parents themselves) and enthusiastic younger staff. Best of all, we are part of your family team and we really care about each and every child.

We want to support you and make your life easier. We enable your little one to have the best fun whilst you work or carry out necessary chores. We strongly believe that children thrive in an environment of praise, understanding and respect, so we all ensure your child is free to develop their own skills, thoughts and ideas with confidence.

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What makes Bambini Nursery so unique for parents/carers?

Bambini is practical:

  • Flexibility in attendance hours and payment: Full Day Care and Nursery School
  • Free easy parking for drop off and pick up
  • Quick to walk to Stoneleigh, Ewell West and Tolworth BR stations and buses
  • Just a stone’s throw from the A3 to London and down to the M25 at Junction 10
  • Childcare vouchers accepted and discounts offered

Bambini is run by professionals:

  • We are a wonderful, qualified, experienced, hard-working staff team – even though we say it ourselves
  • We have a management team who listen
  • Your little one will have their own specified key worker but we all support each other
  • We recognise that you have chosen our nursery for your child as a great privilege and responsibility

Bambini is all about cooperation:

  • We issue newsletters, have an informative ‘Parents’ Board’, use social media, give you access to our policies on request and talk with you about your child at every opportunity
  • We thrive on mutual understanding and respect
  • Mutual co-operation is key and observing that teaches your child the value of cooperation too

We give you peace of mind:

  • Personalised ‘showaround’ when you first visit
  • Free, gentle trial sessions and one-to-one staff-parent/carer introductions
  • Relax in the knowledge that your child is safe, cared for, nurtured, learning and having fun
  • We teach your child life skills and values. See our Learning page
  • We tell you what your child has been up to each and every day

And when your little one first starts… we know it can be really tough to walk away, which is why …

  • We have big boxes of tissues on the reception desk and in every room, and we are ALWAYS at the end of the phone line whenever you feel anxious

And with the children, we are partners in play!

‘I don’t get to have this much fun at home …’
  • Our nursery is child-led and play-based
  • Our curriculum is centred on the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum
  • It’s fun together with the grown-ups – we love playing, singing, dancing and laughing
  • We love learning new things and getting to know all about life
  • We love learning new skills, big and small
  • We enjoy making friends for life (yes they often do), understanding values and preparing for school
  • We are fascinated learning tasters of other languages and about other cultures
  • We like getting messy and wet – and cleaning up together afterwards
  • We adore our big adventures in the park, feeling nature, climbing trees and meeting the ducks
  • We love celebrating special world and cultural events, birthdays and daily life
  • Our safe garden has so much to do in it
  • We really enjoy getting creative and crafty
  • We are often surprised that it’s already time to go home

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